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The Winter Garden

I'm starting to think about ordering my seeds for the upcoming spring.  I love walking in my garden, even when it is blanketed with snow, imagining the transformation that is soon to come.  I daydream about all the things I might do to change my garden this year.  There are several perennials that will need to be divided this year.  Maybe I will have to build a new garden to accommodate them. We do not plan to travel this year, so I intend on filling many planters with all sorts of annuals and scattering them around the yard.  I have a wonderful collection of blue planters that went completely ignored last year because we went on a long summer vacation.  I cannot wait to get them started! I love starting a lot of things from seeds, but I also love visiting the nurseries and picking up a few of those instant gratification plants as well.  I especially love to collect various coleus plants and arrange them on my covered deck in a mass collection of planters.  There are so many diffe

Yet Another Walk Under Gorgeous Skies

There's not much to say this morning.  The weather is gorgeous, the timing is right, and the skies have put on an incredible display nearly every morning.  So even in January, I'm feeling energized. Bear is eager to continue our walk, but he tries to be patient with me. Dreamy... I like this one in B&W too, but the colors were just to pretty not to show.


Can one have too many owls?  I'm beginning to think maybe it is possible to go overboard here.  I received two more this Christmas and I have to admit, I gave one as a gift, and no, it wasn't one from my stash.  It was as I tried to find places for the two new additions to the family that I realized I was running out of spaces to stick an owl.  I am already packing up several with the Christmas tree ornaments, but I think a few more may have to get packed up with the winter décor in February.  They certainly do suit my winter woodland décor for the holiday/winter season after all, and I really do enjoy them and do not want to tire of them.  Here are a few photos I took from around the house.  I realize as I wrote this that I've missed many.  There is an owl vase, owl pitcher, owl picture, owl figurines in, as you'll see many various materials, a milk glass owl, and I even have a large wrought iron owl boot scraper outside on the deck. I just realized that I missed ph

A Sigh of Relief

January has not been kind so far.  I had a flu up until two days ago that had lasted two weeks, and the weather, oh boy the weather!  But it all turned around today, and life looks happy again.  A long walk with my dog, a visit with the sweet chickadees and even a colourful, little bouquet of flowers - a gift from my Sweetheart. Yup, I'm feeling right as rain.


Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there anymore.        Robin Hobb                                           I have followed up that quote with a photo of things.  A tiny sample of the things I fill my home with to make it feel warm and cozy.  But the problem with things, no matter how lovely they are, their magic only works when surrounded with the members of my wonderful family.  There are some things that hold memories of loved ones long gone, or of friends that have moved on. But they are few, and of course, very special.  I wonder which things will take on meaning after I'm gone?

Winter Walking

It's so hard to believe that we are in January.  The holidays came and went far more quickly than I could prepare for them it seemed. The tree is down, and the decorations will find their way into storage for another year soon.  I will miss how they fill my home with coziness, and look forward to easier housekeeping.  The weather has been very cold, but it has not kept me from getting outside.  There has only been a few days where it was completely unreasonable to go out.  When I go, I have my phone and sometimes I snap a few photos.   Loved how the sunlight illuminated the forest here. The contrast between the stark white frost and the black bark on these trees is stunning. I love taking a walk on a morning when Mother Nature has decided to redecorate.