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Too Much

 I won't go into detail about why I've been MIA. I've been dealing with my health.  Still dealing,  actually,  but feeling a bit better, so here I am to say I'm still alive. I'm currently in training at Starbucks, my first job in nearly 20 years 🙃. I'm overwhelmed by the number of recipes I have to remember. At this point, I can't recall the difference between a latte and a macchiato. But, it is only my third day, and my first day learning the drinks.

A Hint of Spring

 It's snowing and blowing here today, but we've had little tastes of Spring here and there. The real clues that warmer weather is on the horizon are the birds. It's just the best feeling when we start seeing diversity again.

My New Pet

I had the luxury of petting a moose nose once. It was at a zoo in Moose Jaw, Sask. Yes, the city also has a giant statue dedicated to the wonderful animal. The problem with having petted a moose once, is that you want to do it each time you see one. Their muzzle is velvety soft, and their look is sweetly comical.  They are simply adorable. But they are big, and wild and one should not fool themselves into thinking that they are ever approachable. Ever. Unless, of course, you want your headstone to read something along the lines of: "It could have been a duck or goose, but no, she just had to try and pet a moose."  

Wonderful Winter

 So far, our weather this year has been incredibly mild. Not only did I wake up to yet another warm, (enough) windless day, the hoar frost was looking gorgeous against its backdrop of a delicately coloured sunrise.