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Meet Sarah...

A calico with multiple personalities and a criticizing stare, Sarah is my cat, or she was up until fairly recently, when she suddenly turned into an animal I barely recognized. She has never been an easy animal to take care of, or even to love for that matter. She's always had her own set of problems and attitudes, and she has never been too shy to let us know about them. It all started when my Husband and I had to stop in at the local pet shop for a few supplies. Here was this very large cage with this very small kitten huddled up in a corner, and she watched our every move. She was the last of her litter that was brought in only a few days before. Sensing her dejection, we decided to take her home and give our only cat a sister. At the time, I had been missing a quirky friend of mine from college, and decided very easily that this would be my new, little friend's name. Once home, it took Sarah a bit of effort to work her way into the heart of my other cat, Junior, (an en

I Love Drama...

Here is a collection I put together for a team I support on Etsy. A lovely collection that got more attention than most of my other ones. Although I am quite happy with the number of views and comments, I thought I should elaborate on just the type of drama I'm talking about. I have a true distaste for the drama that so many people unconciously create in their lives. That is, that soap opera type stuff. Not that I'm an innocent in this category, far from it. I've done my fair share of wave making for no apparent reason. Having now spent quite a few years on working it out of my system, I have been leading quite a calm, some would say dull life. Not to say that I don't have a long way to go, but I have managed to transform a portion of the energy that I used to spend upsetting myself, and so many others around me, into creativity. You'll still find plenty of drama surrounding me in the form of art, paintings, music, pottery, jewelry, really just about anyth

The Trouble With Collecting

The main problem with collecting is that it is way too much fun. The second issue is finding a place for said collection, or in my case collections. There are probably a half dozen other reasons why collecting is a con, but oh well, there it is, I'm a collector. The brooch in the photo was slated for my shop on Etsy. But I wanted to price it very high, too high, a very good sign that one does not truly want to sell something. So, of course, it ended up finding a special place in my ever growing collection of jewelry. As a matter if fact, I picked up a small apothecary chest last week to start organizing it all. Much better than a traditional jewelry box, the chest consists of many little drawers that I can further organize with little boxes. It is working out wonderfully. The only problem is, I think I need another chest, or I will soon. So, there is another problem, one collection inevitably leads to anther. In this case, a jewelry collection is leading into a furnitu