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Easter Flowers

I found violas and crocus up in the garden today! There's not much else yet, and the rest of the blooms in this post came from the grocery store.  But flowers are flowers and I wanted to share them with you to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

A Dose of Black and White

Spring seemed to be coming on in a hurry, but the temperatures have dropped and the seasons are changing at a snail's pace.  I don't mind though.  This slowness is giving me more than enough time to do a thorough cleaning before all my time is devoted to the outdoors once again.  Almost all the snow is gone and walking around has become much easier.  The first time I went out on clear roads with nothing but runners, jeans and a light jacket, I felt like I was floating. Birds are returning; geese, crows and ducks are all actively welcoming each other back.  Very soon, the nesting will begin, and they won't be so friendly anymore.