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A Blog Event That Caught My Eye

This looked like a ton of fun, so why not? I started a blog as a way of introducing myself to those who wanted to get to know me better than what my little Etsy shop offered. I had absolutely no idea where it would go, how long it would last, or if I would get any response. As it turns out, none of that matters. I just love to do it. And I love reading the blogs of others as well. It's far better than TV. Click on the picture for all the details, and to register your blog. Here is what I'm offering up as my giveaway. A stone necklace with various findings. All findings are silver plated and it has no clasp because it measures a long 33 inches. I can not wait to see what everyone else is doing.

Grandpa Cookies

My Grandfather always had a bag of 'Dad's' cookies on hand. Out of all the choices, the chocolate chip ones remain my favorite. I love to bake, and I rarely buy cookies, but about once a year, I come across a bag of these, and there in no resisting, (and yes, this is the big bag). One bite, and I'm transported back to a young girl on a warm autumn day, waiting for Grandpa to come back into the yard, turn off the tractor, and invite me to share his lunch with him. He always brought extra, and he even let me have some of his coffee, just a sip. It was the perfect afternoon moment. Later on, when Grandpa could no longer farm, we visited him in town. There was always a bag of cookies sitting by his refridgerator. He must have spent more money on cookies than any other grocery, because there were 5 of us Grandaughters, and we were constantly there, eating his cookies. When we got old enough, he sent us uptown with the money and a list, and I would always, without

I Say 'Because'...A Lot.

I always said that I wouldn't be the parent who answered 'because' to my children's questions. But sometimes, there really is not a better answer. There are just certain things I do not want to explain yet. Like this recent question that truly caught me off guard, "Mommy, why do boys and girls have to be together to make a baby?". My answer, "Because, they just do." She's 8 years old, does she really need that answered honestly yet? My son often resorts to this word to answer my many questions for him. "Sweetie, why do you need to take apart your sandwiches before eating them?" My son calmly replies, "Because, I just do." There are many times I will dignify my children's questions with long, drawn out reasons that satisfy them. "Mommy, why do I have to clean up my room?" My answer, "Because, if you don't, Mommy can't clean the floors in your room, and then all sorts of little nasties will w

For the Love of Vintage

I recently reached the 50 sales mark in my Etsy shop, and that has been (mostly) due to the vintage jewelry. It's funny though, no sooner did I type that, I received an email, saying that I received payment for one of my handmade necklaces. But it remains true, that the majority of interest has been in the vintage jewelry. There are so many beautiful, reusable pieces out there. I have even noticed that the quality of these older pieces is often superior to a similar item you would currently purchase in a department store for about the same price, and often less. Some people are collectors and have bought pieces to add to their own special vintage collection. Others have purchased a particular piece because it looked just like something their Grandmother had. And some people have bought pieces because they want to do their small part for the Earth and reuse as much as they can. Now, I have never been interested in history, but it has been a lot of fun to have all these won

Our Beautiful Ginger

A little into our second year of marriage, 12 years ago, we came across this beautiful Husky - German Shepherd cross pup. We both instantly fell in love and without hesitation adopted our Ginger. We lived up North in a small and quiet oil town with a large yard. We also did a lot of hiking and camping, and we knew she would make the perfect companion on our journeys. We already had two cats at home, but that wasn't a problem for any of them. They took well to each other quickly, and you could often find all 3 of them napping together on the doggie bed. Ginger loved to be constantly by our side, and if I didn't kennel her during the day, she would soon find her way to where I worked and sit outside the window. In a thunder storm, she would come into the house, press her head against my leg, and go wherever I went until it ended. She is terrified of storms until this day, and will do things out of character when one in approaching. She even went missing for nearly 2 wee