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More Chickadees

One photographs the world around them, and for the past several months, my little world is filled Chickadees. There are Jays and Nuthatches about but they are not nearly as cooperative. Besides, no one really ever tires of these little guys, right?

February Wind Down

I'm so glad to be nearing the end of February. Spring is so close, I can almost taste it! It's time to order seeds and get some babies started under those grow lights.   We've been making the most of the cold months in our home this year. We painted and upgraded the trim in the basement and then promptly attacked the upstairs which is currently in chaos.  Up there we are doing new paint, flooring, trim and a countertop.  It's all going to look very fresh for Easter and Spring. Also, we are planning a two week road/tenting trip to the Yukon. We plan to go in July and I can hardly wait to visit the North again. I've been visiting my feeders nearly daily all winter and those little chickadees are becoming quite tame. One even landed in the pail of seed I was still carrying.  The photo was taken with my phone and I was less than a foot away! The amaryllis is full bloom. It's an out of place beauty upstairs where everything is turned upside-down.