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Fall Fun

Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows how much I love Fall. And it's finally time to truly dive into the season, harvest what the garden has produced and then sit back and enjoy. Okay, so these aren't from the garden, they're crochet and I'm working on adding more. We've been watching "Blown Away" on Netflix and never have I had a better appreciation for my blown glass pumpkins! I grew and dried these last year. I've been asked why I don't rake the leaves off my lawn. Because they're beautiful, that's why.

Moon and Moose

I like to go on long drives and get lost and see if I can figure out how to get back home. On this particular drive, I required Google Maps. Actually, my son was with me and being a bit of genius with directions, he figured it out and had us home in no time. We had a lovely adventure and got a few great pics.  The moon photo was taken from deck though.  Mama Moose Baby Moose Same Baby Moose