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New Friends

I have a new animal at the top of my favourite list.  Llamas.  They were at the bottom of my favourites list before last week.  One scared the dickens out of me when I was a small child by snatching the ice cream cone out of my hand. That was nearly 40 years ago, and it left a such an impression on me that I haven't gone near them since. I thought they were rude and unpredictable, but have since learned that it was more than likely the poor animal's situation that made him like that. I'm not a big fan of travelling petting zoos. Visiting animals at a happy farm is a much different experience than visiting them under the very stressful circumstances that travel and crowds put them under. These llamas are lucky enough to not only have more than enough space, but also they are cared for by an exceptional farmer who loves them, understands them and treats them as her family. When I heard there was a baby there, I invited myself over for a visit and was welcomed warmly not

That Knitting I Was Talking About

I mentioned several posts (and months) ago that I had taken up knitting. I've made several items since then; dish cloths, toques, scarves. This one has been on the needles for more time than I'd care to admit. I didn't lost interest in knitting, but in TV and so here it sits. There have been no real road trips either, so without those two activities, it waits.  The yarn itself leaves quite a lot to be desired, but those colours are delicious, and not wanting to pay a fortune for great yarn, here we are. Oh, and warmer temperatures are on the way, so if I get this done before next winter, we may have a miracle on our hands. I love pottery. Who doesn't? I received the lovely little yarn bowl for Christmas.  The artist is local and I think I may just have to start a collection of his work.