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A Spring Walk

I think the snow is finally gone for good.  If any more falls, it will surely melt as quickly as it has fallen.  There is life in the greenhouse, and garden work is being accomplished.  My legs are sore from a day spent outside, so it has been made official - Spring is here! At the end of a busy day, I like to indulge in a few moments with my camera, and go for a walk.  Here are a few photos from around my 10 acres, and a little about what moved me to take them... An overall view of the changing landscape.  It's hard to believe that only a couple of weeks ago, this entire prairie was under a foot of snow.  All too soon, this pond will dry up, and we will be mowing around the willows. These red willows line our ditches, and our Spring 'pond'.  From a distance, they are a striking display.  I hope they start easily from a cutting, because I'd like to spread them to the North side of the house too. I love the way the grass looks under the water, very dreaml