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Frosty Fascination

I don't notice the cold when the cold looks like this. I can't feel the freezing in this wonderland of bliss. Winter, knowing His visit can be quite unpleasant... Once in awhile, offers this exquisite present.                    Andrea Ostapovitch


For those of us connected on Instagram, this will be a repeat performance in photos. How is December treating you thus far?  As per our family's tradition, we all get colds to varying degrees.  But so far, the illness has been mild as has the weather and so December has been mostly quite joyful.  After my daughter's 16th birthday this past weekend, I put the tree up and have worked my way through wrapping quite a few gifts, a job that continues today, along with decorating the rest of the house.  Then the baking begins. Now there, in the baking department, I must file a complaint. Why have the mint chocolate chips disappeared off the shelf?  I have a recipe of whipped shortbread with mint chips that we simply cannot live without! I haven't attempted it yet, but I intend to make my own.  If you have any experience at all in the art of making flavoured chocolate chips, please share your knowledge.  I would be most grateful. Besides the shortbread, I also require ging