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Cakes of 2012

The first cake of the year was done for my darling husband's 38th.  Everyone in our household loves the Smurfs, so it was an easy choice.  Papa seemed like the most obvious choice seeing as how the cake was for 'Daddy'.  And no other Smurf says "Birthday Party!", like Jokey.   The next cake came in July for my sister-in-laws birthday.  We always have a summer BBQ for her, and the kids thought that I should do an owl for her.  They knew I would agree, because I have a bit of an obsession with owls, and my collection keeps growing.  Maybe a post on that later.   The next one came a short month later for my now 7 year old son.  He loves Star Wars.  I completely adore R2-D2, so there was no question.  The other side of the cake says "May the Force be with You", of course, and this was my favorite cake of the year.       My daughter is obsessed with wolves, once again making the theme of her party obvious.  This cake was difficult fo

Dreaming of Summer

I know I am supposed to be practicing living in the moment, and not constantly looking forward (or back), for what promises to be a better moment.  But, (I know, there is always a 'but') as I was walking around my yard this morning, I was remembering all the flowers that were in full bloom less than 5 months ago.  I was also planning where I will be putting new plants and making new beds.  Now is the time to be ordering seeds and evening thinking about starting a few, so I'm not completely out to lunch in my daydreamings. These lilies are planted at the start of our driveway, in a bed surrounding a large rock.  I made this bed larger this past year, but it still seems dwarfed in comparison with the rest of the yard, so we have plans of making it even bigger this Spring.  Perhaps adding a few shrubs and maybe even more lilies.  My husband and I both love lilies, and had a nice, little collection started in our garden back in Cold Lake.  But now we have room for far more

Gingerbread Monsters

This is what I got when I asked my dear husband to help me decorate the Christmas cookies.  I knew something was up when he started giggling.  Then he showed me this guy, the angry snowman.  Who knows why he's angry?  I think it all started with his lack of talent when it comes to creating something cute.        I knew he had come up with something worse when he moved from giggling to laughing outloud.  And here is our angry snowman's victim.  How do you like the black eye and bloody stump where his arm once was?       Needless to say, neither of these cookies made it to the trays of goodies I put out for friends and family.  And although our kids were pretty much in shock that their Dad could defile an innocent gingerbread cookie, they were doubled over with laughter. I wonder what Dad would have said if it had been one of his children who created this monster and its victim?

It's Been Cold...

Home in November I suppose it doesn't really matter that I haven't blogged since the end of September, but seeing as how I had all sorts of ideas to write about here this winter, (and I was really looking forward to it), and winter is nearly 1/2 over, I am left wondering, "What happened?".   For the first time in my life, winter is passing by quickly for me.  It is very hard to believe that we are already half way through January and I seriously have to start thinking about ordering seeds, and making room for my grow lights. All the plans I had for my long, dull winter seem to have fallen by the wayside.  The main difference between this and past winters, is that I go outside every, single day at least once, and often more when the weather is decent.  I have my dog, Bear, to thank for that.  He's far to large and furry to be an indoor dog, and he's great at keeping coyotes and other animals off our property.  So to give him the socializing he needs, a