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Storm Season

Well, now here I am writing about the weather.  The picture above was taken on June 26 of this year.  The clouds were doing some interesting things, and even though Environment Canada hadn't issued any severe warnings, I didn't trust those skies.  I didn't get any great photos of the storm that moved through here this afternoon.  I was busy preparing for the worst.  The wording of the warnings and the vocabulary of the meteorologists had me in a bit of a panic.  But now that the worst is over and all that came out of it, (for us) was a quick inch of rain, I can calmly talk about it.  I hope my neighbors come out of it as unscathed as we did.  Wording like "Oklahoma style storm", and "worst weather in North America, possibly the world", had me carrying water and food down to the basement.  I moved my son's fish into a safe place, and had an emergency Tupperware container ready for my daughter's lizard.  I put my dog in the garage, ready t

Concerning Writing

   While sitting in the car waiting for my Husband to come out of what must have been the seventh hardware store of that particular shopping trip, I picked up my phone, and started reading a few of my last blog posts.  Having not visited since January, (and not being at all troubled by that), I was quite detached from what I had written.  Much to my surprise, I quite enjoyed what was there.  This surprised me because whenever I reread the drivel in my journal, I hate myself.  I usually burn it and pretend it never happened.  Not to say that I feel it is very good writing, but most of what I write here is positive.  Happy memories or recent experiences are what have inspired my blog entries thus far.  There is nothing dishonest about what I've allowed to filter through onto the web, but there certainly is plenty left out.   Just because I haven't written anything here in the past 6 months doesn't mean I have been living in an institute, (although a couple of weeks ma