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Autumn Cookies

We finally had some sunshine here yesterday, and not a moment too soon. Everyone has been feeling a bit low with all the unseasonably cold weather and rain. Along with the sun, the familiar colours of Fall finally came out of hiding and inspired us to make these delectable little morsels. Sugar cookies cut into oak leaves and acorns and decorated with the colours of the season became the highlight of the day. The kids also wanted to decorated some sort of animal, so they chose cats, and along with acorns and leaves, we also had some very interesting looking kitties. After enjoying a few of our homemade goodies, we headed outside to start cleaning up all the plants that the early frost had put to an end. The kids mostly spent their time saving the slugs from ending up as compost, and thank goodness, because what is a garden without those wonderful, little, slimy critters? Our next job well be to download the collection of spider pictures my Daughter collected from the backyard and

A Couple Of Cakes

This cake features an antique John Deere tractor. It is a 1953 Model 40 to be exact. It was a fun one to do, and I hope my customer's Father is happy about it. This is a Zhu Zhu Pet cake. Actually, it is a replica of the one I purchased for my 5 year old at the end of August. He loved it, especially when he was allowed to decapitate and devour it.