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Happy 8th Birthday Jared!

It is hard to understand where the time has gone, but my little guy is turning 8 tomorrow, and going into grade 3 next week.  He says he is not looking forward to all the hard math he will have to do.  But he is excited about recesses and gym class.  So as far as that goes, he sounds like a typical little boy.  He also adores LEGO and anything to do with Star Wars, and again, typical.  What makes my little man stand out from the crowd, is that he is exceedingly funny.  I can be in the worst of moods, and with perfect timing, he will give me one of his off looks, and without being able to help myself, I will burst into giggles.  He's always trying to get a laugh out of someone, especially his sister.  He can almost always set her to giggling and leave her wanting more. I could go on and on and in detail about all of his redeeming qualities, but in this moment I am feeling grateful for his sense of humor.  I hope to give him an awesome birthday tomorrow, and can hardly wait to

Migration Time

I'm not at all knowledgeable when it comes to birds.  I have bought books to help me recognize who's who, but find it far too tedious to scan through all the pages and find a likeness.  And really, from this distance, it is very difficult to see any details.  But none of that matters, because as a flock, any kind of bird is impressive.  I was lucky enough to be standing by my window with the camera this morning when this group decided to abandon my front yard for a few dead trees we have at the back.  They were all just pecking away on the front lawn, when suddenly something startled them and they 'flocked off'' to the  backyard to settle in a few dead trees.  We plan to take these trees down this fall, which is good, because I'm running out of firewood, and Autumn is the best time to sit around a fire.  Sorry about the reflection, but this flock was way too skittish to put up with me outside among them. 

Boating The Whitesand River

My Dad had a speedboat when I was little, and I fondly remember going boating on the river which was only a few miles from our farm.  This was the first time since I was a kid, (under 10 years old) that I've been on the Whitesand, and I can honestly say, I really didn't remember a thing.  I don't think those banks have changed that much, but they didn't feel familiar at all.  There are a couple of new houses, and a bible camp that's been there several years now.  However, the dam, 6 miles from the launch, has been there forever, and I don't even remember that.  Being that it is a major landmark of our particular area, one would think that it would stand out in my memories, but no.  Now, when I really think back, all I truly remember is my Dad at the wheel with a proud smile on his face, (he loved that boat), and my hand dragging and splashing in the wake along side.      I wish I could say that I didn't feel a pang a of jealousy whenever

A Visit to Moose Jaw

Near the beginning of August we took a mini vacation to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, a city not far from Regina and only 2 and a half hours from home.  What a treat!  We fit a lot into the short time we were there, and have several hundred photos to look back on.  Here are just a few...   This gigantic moose is in front the Visitor Information Centre welcoming all the travelers.   Yes, we got to play with these ridiculously adorable, 1 month old Burrowing Owls.  Meet Cricket and Cocoa, ambassadors for their endangered species here on the  Prairies.  They will spend their lives travelling and meeting people all over the prairies in hopes of educating whomever they meet about how to conserve their habitat.   Near our campground, there was a tree that had grown in a very unique way.     Also near our campground, just across the river was a very busy train station.  This rickety looking bridge is still being used today.  My timing was off, and I d