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Mama's Back!

Our devoted Mama bird is back!  How do I know it's the same bird? It's quite obvious she knows us as she is practically tame when are close, sometimes very close. We can't touch her, and wouldn't try, but we can sit within a few feet of her and have a pleasant little chat.  I like to think we are making her very difficult job of sitting there all day a little more interesting with our visits.  She has four precious eggs and we doing everything in our power to keep them safe.  We are so excited for hatching day!  Please send some good luck wishes her way...and have a great rest of your week.

Better Late Than Never

It's time for the big reveal!!! I hope everyone has had as wonderful an experience as I did.   In all my travels around Canada, which are nowhere close to being done, one of my absolute favourite places is Whitehorse Y.T..  It is so incredibly beautiful and I can't wait to visit again someday. It was so fun to receive a package from there and to meet a wonderful new friend, Jessica! I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew from the moment I had the parcel in my hands that I was holding something a little extra special.  As I started to take that parcel apart, I had a smile that I felt right to my core. My name had been given to the sweetest 15 year old girl and she had put her heart and soul into that wee package.  There is one thing in particular that you will not see in the photos, a small item that I will treasure for a lifetime. Jessica had taken a quick peek at my blog, and could easily see that I love cats and nature.  Trust me when I say that this gi

It's A Jungle Out There

I'm awake far earlier than I should be and I don't want to wake the rest of the household, so I'm in bed reading. I have my bedroom window open, and after such a dead quiet spell through winter, I am in disbelief as to how wonderfully noisy it is outside. Just listen for yourself...

Spring Scenes

It seems that our Spring has finally arrived.  I have plants coming up in the garden, more on that later, and I have spent a day or two outside in just a t-shirt (pants too, course).  My son and I went on a picnic this past weekend and got our first mosquito bite as well a bunch of wood ticks. I'll spare you those photos, but neighbors beware -they are back and they are plentiful! My dog loves to get his belly wet, and has been spending quite a bit of time in our temporary pond.  I'm afraid it is not going to be there for long though as we are far dryer than normal for this time of year. It is so wonderful to have all the songbirds back giving life to the outdoors again. Too bad about that twig obscuring her face, but otherwise a cute shot. A warm dog is a sleepy dog. Loving all the geese action!