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Early Spring Explore

The snow has started to melt and that is when I love to go for drives to enjoy the changing landscape. It's not just the water everywhere that makes this time of year so interesting, the returning wildlife (mainly birds) has my camera clicking again. I didn't get many opportunities, but here are a few. Those eagles really keep their distance!

What Not to Do

That mess you see on my kitchen floor is the wonderful DIY project I had so proudly completed about an hour before I had to get the broom out. It was a dry erase calendar. I had picked up an inexpensive frame, (yes it had to be glass) designed a calendar in Photoshop, then put self adhesive magnetic stripping on the back. Yeah, it wasn't adhesive enough. So while I was having my dinner feeling quite pleased with myself, when it came crashing to the floor I nearly choked on my food .  My husband was able to glue the frame back together, but the cost of replacement glass was nearly the cost in the first place, so I just went and got another frame and some strong, double-sided tape. I did reuse the old frame sans glass and it looks just lovely, so I now have two finished projects to be proud of. The much needed calendar is currently on my fridge, but it won't always be and is actually part of a larger project that I will share with you at a later date.


Hi there Birgit, this post is for you. You mentioned you were interested in seeing a bit of my scrapbooks. The albums I use for the kids are Creative Memories. I just love the quality of their products, but they are not economical, so for the big album with 300 photos, I purchased an album from a department store for $20, and filled it up completely. My style is very simple, minimalist compared to some.  The Creative Memories albums pages all have protective sleeves, and you start with a 12by12 blank slate, so layout possibilities are endless. I try to fit in at least 6 photos per layout. These albums also lay perfectly flat, so they are very nice to look through. The quality of Creative Memories cannot be beat. I actually used to be a representative, but no longer. That is a long story. I just love the herringbone tweed on this one. Major size difference! Creative Memories albums are not designed to hold that many pages. All pockets in this