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Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween Day.  Our weather is not cooperating at all.  It is raining and very windy.  The forecast is promising that it well stop before the evening though and even clear off for Trick-or-Treating.  Even though we are stuck indoors, we are still thoroughly enjoying our day.  We carved jacks this morning and are watching the first Harry Potter while enjoying a few early treats.  The plan is to set the jacks out on the deck when the rain stops and do a photo shoot in our costumes. Here are a few shots from around the house:   Add caption

Halloween Treat

Since Thanksgiving, this will be the fourth pumpkin pie I will dig into.  No, I am not ashamed of this, perhaps I should be, but there it is.  As soon as the leaves start to turn, I begin craving the pumpkin pie. In the summer it is beer that consumes me. Well, I suppose I do more of the consuming, but you know what I mean.  In the dead of winter, it is Merlot.  Dear God in Heaven, I love Merlot.  Thank-you for Merlot.  I love saying Merlot, and capitalizing it too.  Around the holidays, I devour any shortbread that crosses my path.  You want to make a new friend?  Make me a shortbread cookie stuck in a good size slice of pumpkin pie, serve it up with a cold glass of stout and follow that up with a nice big glass of Merlot.  I can assure you, we will be friends for life. Oh, and don't forget the dark chocolate, 90 percent or more, and that is year round and goes well with everything else I've mentioned.  There, now that you know how I eat year round, you won't feel the lea

Playing With Light

I really had some fun with my camera yesterday.  The only one I altered is the leaf one, which I converted to grayscale and brightened it up a bit.  My favorite is the shot of the sun which looks like it's on a horizon, but it was still several hours from sunset.  What do you think?  

Recent Creations

I've been creating jewelry for about 6 years now and my techniques and style have changed a lot since then.  Even my reasons for making jewelry have changed.  I used to have a shop with Etsy, but quickly realized that I much preferred to sell face to face, and almost always locally.  It is mainly for myself and my need to create, but also for the social aspect that I keep it up.  I've tried many different mediums and forms of art over the years, but this thing I have with wire keeps me coming back for more, and I just want to keep exploring and learning what it can do.  Here are four of my recent creations. A nice big lava stone dressed up in copper and gunmetal colored wire.  A bit of a statement pendant. I love hammering copper wire.  I get all my heavy gauge stuff from stripping electrical wire.  Far less expensive than getting it from a craft store or jewelry supplier. Coiling the fine gauge around a heavier gauge wire is something I've become quite good