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July Sum-Up

 It is very hard to believe that July has almost passed us by already.  We've had a great summer so far; beautiful eather, lots of time with family and a wonderful road trip have all made the time fly by quickly.  I'll have to save the road trip for another post, as I still have to sort through over 1300 photos from those 9 days. We kicked off summer as we usually do, with a birthday party on July 4th.  My daughter decorated this cake, and it one of my all-time favorites.  It's one of the happiest cakes I've ever seen! Irish moss in flower had become my favorite plant! The daisies have really only just started their colorful show. A lovely group of dwarf sunflowers to take cuttings from and decorate my house for fall. Gardening is at the center of our life here.  Of course, the flowers make for the best photos, but we also have 2 large vegetable gardens to tend to. I planted a lot of zinnias this year, including into containers and they