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Meanwhile in Canada

It's late March, and it is cold. But on the day we noticed the ice cream shop was re-opened, it was 2 degrees above zero C*.  Apparently, that is warm enough, because there were several customers enjoying their first "Scoops" of the season.  The good news is, it won't melt and if you drop it, you can most likely pick it up out of some clean snow!


I have to say, I was a little nervous getting out of my vehicle for this one.  I grew knowing that under no circumstance should one try to approach one of these animals.  My husband reassured me that beavers cannot move very quickly and so I would be fine.  There was no sign of an imminent attack, and so I took my time observing and taking snapshots. He kept his eye on me the entire time and I didn't push my luck. More interesting than the photos were the sounds of his munching. He was very loud! I found it all very adorable, but I was happy to get back to my vehicle again, without incident. Without further delay, say hello to Beatrice, a fine specimen of Canada's national animal... I'm sharing my photo on Eileen's critter loving blog HERE today...Thank-you Eileen!

Prickly Little Friend

While out for a drive yesterday, hoping to photograph some wildlife, we only met with one willing participant.  I suppose I should say indifferent because that is exactly what a porcupine is like.  You are lucky if he so much as glances at you, and forget about a second glance. This little guy just went about his business as though I was not even there.   We also saw several ravens, but as soon as we pulled over, they would fly off. I spotted an absolutely beautiful coyote, but he was also extremely shy.  I didn't even have time to get a shot of his backside. Normally, we see deer on every drive, but they too seemed to know I had my camera with me this time. Oh well, it's actually not that often that we get to see a porcupine alive.  Sadly, all too often, they are dead on the side of the road.  They don't move all that quickly, the poor things.  So I had a lot of fun just observing this little guy for a while. I've named him Pete... These photos are too unu