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A Gift

 I go driving the back roads looking for wildlife to photograph, and I'm always especially on the lookout for owls. I see them often enough, but can never get close enough for a good photo. While out walking the other evening in my garden, this beauty shows up and patiently waits while I go to the house to get my camera and then allows me to take as many shots as I like. Then, I just sat awhile with him until I got cold. It was awesome.

Awesome Time

 It doesn't matter what sort of day I'm having, the colours of autumn always cheer me up. Take a little stroll with me around my yard.

For Laura

 Everyone loves pet photos. Everyone. Without exception. So, here's my dog. It is a gorgeous day here. Perfect for yard work, or just laying in the grass enjoying the last little while with the leaves.

Excuses, Excuses

A lot has changed in my household over the past month, and the month before that, we were busy preparing for the change. My firstborn has moved out at the ripe old age of 17, to a city 8 hours away. (insert tears here.) Photography and blogging were the last two things on my mind. But for the few of you who like visiting here, I did tote my camera around a bit and have finally managed to get around to working with a few photos.  That newfound time probably has a lot to do with the drop in temperature.  The great outdoors is suddenly not quite as tempting as a warm cup of tea in front of the computer.