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An Unexpected Gift

When I decided to take part of the Secret Santa exchange with the Etsy Alberta Team, I set no boundaries and laid no hints as to what I might like to receive. I enjoy a surprise. When I saw the envelope was from Glass Circus, a shop I'm quite familiar with, I was very excited. Not without the haste of a child on Christmas morning, I opened the package, and found myself delighted with the contents. Three fused glass ornaments quickly found their way to my tree, but I will not be packing them away with the decorations after the holidays. I think they would make great dangles for a bookmark. The green one would look great on one of my purses, that just happens to need a larger zipper pull to grip. They would make really wonderful gift tag adornments for someone special, but I'm afraid I like them a bit too much to be giving them away so soon. Thank-you so much for the lovely gift Martina, and as always, you do wonderful work.