Friday, August 26, 2016

The Change of a Season

My last post was June 8 and the time that has passed since then has been full of every aspect of living.  We've celebrated birthdays, had a funeral, traveled, worked hard in our yard, relaxed in our yard, and took a thousand photos along the way.  Some of those photos will slowly make their way here to fill in that near 3 month gap. 
We're getting ready for harvest now.  The pumpkin patch is an unimaginable size; could nearly be classified as a field. The garden is slowly being cleaned off as the vegetables produce the last of their bounty.  Swathing of the grain has started, and if the weather is even semi-co-operative, combining will not be far behind.  This time of year means unpredictable schedules and a need to be flexible for my husband while at the same time maintaining a strict schedule for my kids as they head back to school.
The picture I chose to feature here is one I took of a dramatic sky on July 6, my 19th wedding anniversary actually, and it was one of those rare skies that leaves a person breathless. The drama I see in this photo reflects well my past three months, and while it was a wonderful time, I am looking forward to the quiet of winter.  I laugh at myself when I say that, because if I look back at my pre-spring posts, I couldn't leave winter behind fast enough!
I am especially looking forward to getting reacquainted with all my blog friends.  I am sure I have missed plenty of wonderful posts.  
I hope you all have had a fantastic summer, and that you enjoy your Fall.