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Now What?

I've scrapbooked nearly 500 photos in the past month or so, and have my desk all cleaned up and ready for the next project. I'm just not too sure what that will be yet. My next big job, that has nothing to do with crafting or my desk, is getting my daughter ready for her Grade 12 graduation this Spring. And then she plans on moving out and it's happening so fast (insert scream) and I wish I could just hit pause. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Life has a way of making us feel like we're stuck in a little dingy on some violent rapids with no way of getting to the shore. Was that overly dramatic? It was meant to be. Life is yikes and I'm currently what I believe will be the worst part of raising children. Correct if I'm wrong. That said, I have two healthy, happy wonderful children and I feel incredibly grateful for that.


I think we've all seen the cute reindeer made from logs. I like miniatures, so I came up with these little guys made from dowels and copper wire. I ended up with eleven of the wee creatures, and have given a few away to my family. The rest are fenced in on my work desk. I wouldn't want them to get away, but they are generally content and don't often try.