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More Spring

There still isn't a ton of yard work to be done, so I just keep walking around, enjoying the milder temperatures and searching for the latest developments of Spring. I'm taking a little road trip west this week end to see a good friend, and I've heard things have progressed a little further over her way, so I won't forget to take my camera.  Also, her neighbors have a fantastic selection of pets.  Maybe they'll let me spend time taking their portraits to share here.  I always have such a wonderful time when I visit, so I'm really looking forward to Friday! Here are a few photos I took this morning.  Pussy willows starting to bloom. Lilac buds. Moss.  I love moss.

Signs of Spring

I was out for a stroll this morning looking for signs of Spring.  You wouldn't notice them at a glance. You have to get up close and even dig a little to unearth the details that promise that change of season. This first photo almost looks like something you would see on a coral reef, but it is how the sem false spirea shows signs of life early.  It is definitely the early bird of the shrubs. Although I have seen a few ladybugs here and there, we actually dug this little guy out of his fallen leaf bed. He happily provided us with a portrait before he asked us to tuck him back in, which we gladly did of course. If you put a penny over top of the larger one, and a dime on the small one, they would both be completely hidden!  They are 2 tiny, adorable weeds growing on the west side of our shop among the gravel and moss.  When you look up close, it looks like I put together a little succulent garden.  If I'm correct, and I'll keep a close eye on them, thes

8th Teacup and Mug Exchange Reveal

It was so much fun to put a parcel together and then wait in anticipation for my own to arrive.  Chel at " Sweetbriar Dreams " sent me the loveliest of gifts.  I don't think I've met a more cheerful teacup.  On the bottom, the maker, "Pip," has a slogan that reads, "Happy products for happy people."  Isn't that sweet?  There were several types of tea, and some very yummy chocolates, and yes I know they are yummy, because they are gone!  The pretty, little heart is hanging at the front of my own clothes closet, and has been scented with lavender.  I haven't tried the Earl Grey massage bar yet, but the scent of it is heavenly. Thank-you for putting so much thought into this lovely package Chel.  I am so glad to have met you through Stephanie's teacup exchange, and I look forward to visiting your beautiful blog often. I cannot thank Stephanie at "The Enchanting Rose " enough for hosting this event.  


With all the storms moving through here in the past few days, we have had some interesting skies.  Although I'm ready for sunshine, these skies are far better than a washed out grey any day of the week, which is what we have again today.  You would think that my longing for blue skies would steer me towards color photos, but I just loved these in black and white. An interesting yin yang split. I love when light, bright, puffy clouds are layered over top of dark, stormy looking ones. There was so much movement and so many textures. Clouds can be so majestic.