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My daughter and I were out exploring and enjoying all the life that has returned to the area. The "pond" as we call it, is teeming with life. We spent some time just observing and entertaining ourselves by watching all the different birds. The little black and white ducks are called Buffleheads. We cracked up when we read that. As if ducks weren't goofy enough, someone had to give them a goofy name. Part of the description in our bird book said "tiny, chunky ducks." Again we had to chuckle. The photo of the three swimming is cutest - look at the center one. Chunky definitely describes that one, and I think they should be called "Blurbs." You can't tell by the photos, but these ducks are very small when compared to the mallards swimming nearby.  The last shot is of an American Avocet. They are not shy and are very easy to photograph.

A Little Something

Needing a gift for my sister, and unable to go shopping, I decided to try my hand at felting again. I watched a couple of videos, following one to a T and created Nester. He's a simple mouse and I owe plenty of credit to The Woolly Rabbit's video HERE . She gave very clear instructions, with absolutely no guesswork involved. The wee cat, well, I just wanted to try my hand at sculpting with wool without a reference, and I made him the same day. Kitty is just a little over an inch in length. The next day, I was hungering for more needle felting and decided to try and create a rabbit - you know - for the season and all. Again, without a reference, and I think he turned out very nicely. I especially love his wee scarf, and doesn't he just look proud as punch to be wearing it?