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Cheer Up, I Brought You Flowers

I have to admit that I have been a wee bit down lately.  Not terrible, just sort of blah. I know it will pass soon and that it probably has something do with the weather which is hovering somewhere between Winter and Spring. I am so eager to get into my gardens, and in a couple of weeks, I will be starting some seeds, so that will definitely lift my spirits. In the meantime, my wonderful husband has helped by bringing home some cheerful blooms.   Now, I doubt you will believe me when I tell you this, but I've had these hydrangea since March 6. They were given to me for free because the florist said they had already been in her shop for a week. So they are over a month old, and they still look fantastic. I figure they must sense my mood and want to stick around to help.  After all, they are my favourite flower in the entire world.       The tulips are such a beautiful color, and Spring is always just around the corner when we see tulips in the stores. Also a sure sign

Change on A Cold Morning

Okay, so how many of you out there enjoy eggs in the morning?  And how many times has your egg tasted like fish? Yep, it's a thing, and no, it wasn't bad.  I mean, it tasted awful, but by way of nutrition, a fishy egg is actually good for you.  It is more than likely due to the chicken's diet being high in Omega 3's.  I'm all for nutrition, but if all my eggs start tasting like the one I choked down this morning, I'm switching brands. To top off that yucky start to the morning, I went out for a walk, and realized it was way colder than I originally thought.  But Bear was looking forward to the stroll, so I continued on. I also wanted to try the camera on my new phone.   A few days ago, the camera on my Nokia Lumia Windows phone just up and died. I wasn't due for a new phone until the Fall, and I thought, "Well, no big deal, I can live without a camera on my phone, I have my DSLR." To make a long story extra short. I was wrong.  An hour int

In Like A Lion

We have seen every type of weather the seasons have to offer in March.  You just never know what this month will bring.  This year, it began with snow and a roaring wind that lasted 2 days and created some beautiful drifts. Some of them are very impressive.  Once the back roads are cleared, it would be worth a drive out to where there are more trees to see more of Mother Nature's decor.   It is still beyond reason how cold it is out there, so I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket to take a few photos around my yard. What a big change! The weather never ceases to impress me.

Saturday's Critters

I thought I would share a sweet picture of a chickadee I took a couple of days ago and link up with Eileen's "Saturday's Critters." These little fellows are not shy at all and I can stand there all I want, nothing keeps them from filling their wee bellies with sunflower seeds.  They are so sweet and chipper and make me smile every visit.

Crystals and Shadows

I've been lazy.  I toss my phone in my pocket whenever I go out and leave my DSLR in the closet.  I was glad I decided to pick up the bigger camera and head out as the sun was starting to go down.  The snow started to catch the light in such a way that there looked to be large diamonds everywhere. Even among the shadows, light was gleaming.  A few even tricked me into taking a closer look, but each time I discovered another snow crystal.

March First Magic

I am having a rather sleepy morning.  My body feels like having a wee break at the moment and I am so grateful for my blog friends when I feel like having a cup of tea and a sit down.  I did go for my usual walk this morning, and even though this photo reflects a usual day, it is anything but.  I failed to capture it in the photograph, but the air is filled with the finest glitter.  It is the prettiest thing to walk in and I just couldn't help but feel like I was surrounded by something magical. Indeed, whenever we stop and truly immerse ourselves in the nature that surrounds us, it does feel magical, but glitter floating around everywhere you look sure helps! I also took the time to sign up for the tea cup/mug exchange over at The Enchanting Rose . I decided to stick with just the mug this time, as I had an extremely difficult time finding a tea cup last fall and I would hate to disappoint anyone. I always love the first of the month.  This morning I took my time with