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Happy Halloween!

I have been enjoying travelling through blogland and seeing everything people are doing in their homes to celebrate the fall and Halloween season.  And I thought it was high time I shared what I've been up to.  I can't say I'm finished, and if I do anything else that's exciting, I will do another post. Minus the spiders, I've had that whole get-up on my door for a long time. A spooky old tree for a spooky old crow. There may be a few Harry Potter fans in the house... This duo is sitting in what is meant to be a Christmas decoration, but seeing as how we usually have snow here by October 31st, I thought, "Why not?". I like doing things other than jack o' lantern faces on my pumpkins.  Although, there are also a lot of faces scattered around. I found that handsome black cat sculpture at flea market for $3!!! When I put this rat on the counter, the lady at the till jumped away backwards.  Then she giggled at herself,

Happy Thanksgiving

With many of my posts, I find myself looking for a picture to go with my words.  Recently, I've had a difficult time coming up with words to go with my pictures.  The first two photos are from my trip last week to Cold Lake, AB.  The last 3 are from a walk around my in-law's farmyard, while I was waiting for turkey dinner.  It was a beautiful day that led up to a delicious meal, and we wrapped it up with an evening on the couch.  I hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did.  To all my American friends, I hope you have wonderful plans to look forward to!     I loved how the sky started to turn a bright blue all of a sudden, and its contrast with the orange of the still low sun.     I really like how the path of the rocks seem to be following the clouds.  Or should I reverse that?     Who doesn't enjoy a windmill?  I don't see many of them being used anymore, and this one is no exception.     I enjoy interesting textures, espe

Cold Lake

I was recently given some time to visit what has, so far, been my favourite place to live.  Besides the good company of the welcoming friends we left behind, Cold Lake always offers beautiful scenery for photography.  I took hundreds of photos, and I'm sure I will revisit them and add more, but here are the three that kept catching my eye as I was scrolling through.    

A Day Enjoyed

I started my day in the kitchen, as usual.  But today I had the privilege of cooking for 2 separate sets of visitors.  I thoroughly enjoyed the savory scent of simmering beef stew all morning while making French bread and chocolate chip cookies.    I first had a great time in the company of my sister and her son, (my nephew), and then shortly after they had to run, I appreciated a second lunch with 2 good friends.  I must have felt a bit like a hobbit by then, (overfed and content) but it didn't end there.  A few hours later, I had dinner with my children, and a couple hours after that, my kidlets and I sat down with more food, (popcorn) and delighted ourselves with an old classic, 'Alice In Wonderland'.   In between dinner with the kids, and our movie, I took advantage of a few photo opportunities.  It's always nice to capture some blog worthy pictures.   Although I knew things were going well between the cats, today's experience confirmed it.  Georgia

Welcome Later Mornings

Now that the sun is rising later, I'm awake enough to actually think of grabbing my camera.  I love that it is getting bright at exactly the right time of day right now.  Waking up to the sunrise is energizing.  The shorter days have their drawbacks, of course.  I'm already missing my after supper evening walks, (I'm a wee bit scared of the dark).   

Harvest 2014

Harvest is currently at a standstill.  Cold and rainy weather have left farmers to take a much needed rest.  No, they really didn't want that rest yet, and it's difficult to relax completely when there are still crops in the field.  Short of being a poker player, I'm not sure there is an occupation that is a bigger gamble than farmer.  Mother Nature is a fickle creature.  Hopefully she turns off the taps soon, dries her eyes and allows us back into the fields to take off the rest of the oats and flax. A beautiful sky shot!  The haze in the field is the dust from the combines. Normally, we would just drive the grain truck right to the combine, but the fields were too wet this year. So we used the tractor and grain cart to empty the combine, then it was transferred to the truck, which is then driven to the yard to unload, and then back to field.  Repeat.  Many, many times. Unloading the grain is done as quickly as possible, then it's back to the field.  The