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This was our third trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, but this time we took the kids.  Our main goal was to take in a show every night, and we did just that.  Mystere, The Blue Man Group, and O, were all great performances. Of course there are so many things to keep you entertained during the days as well.  We were running around for 4 days putting many miles on our poor feet. We did pick up a bus pass which saved a lot of walking. Here is a small sampling of what we did... Koi at the Flamingo.  There is a small wildlife sanctuary at the back of the hotel which is definitely worth a visit. Swan at the Flamingo Water show at the Bellagio during the day. Night show at the Bellagio Quirky little birds at the Flamingo. Cactus gardens at Ethel M chocolate factory, not far from the airport. Dolphins at the Mirage from the below ground viewing level. Dolphin at the Mirage. A flamingo at the Flamingo of course! View of the Bellagio from the High Rolle


I'm going to make this short and sweet; I am so glad January is over. I've never been a fan of that month and this past one sealed the deal. But it's over now, and everything is much better now!    I recently went out for a photo shoot with the birds, and the chickadees, as usual, did not disappoint. I would tell you the names of the other birds, but I'm really not too sure.  But if you know, you can tell me in the comments.  Happy February everyone!