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Moving To Saskatchewan

After nearly 14 years of living in town, (our entire marriage) we are moving to a 10 acre parcel in the country. Currently in Cold Lake, Alberta, the move will take us over 700 kilometers Southeast to near a little town along Highway 16 called Theodore. The nearest center is Yorkton, Saskatchewan with a population of just over 16,000, not that much different from where we are now at just over 13,000. So what would take us there? Family. We were both born and raised on farms, within 8 miles of each other. My Husband intends to continue working his current camp job,(week in and week out) and help out his Father and brother on their large, 17 quarter section grain farm. The ultimate goal is to retire into the farm. The photo is of my two little ones, now 5 and 8 years old, exploring what will be their new yard by the end of this month. Most of that water has dried up already, but we know what we have to look forward to in the Spring. Not only are they excited about the new open yard, bu