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An Enjoyable October

It is warm here. Unseasonably warm, and I am loving it.  We had a major frost, that has killed everything - it looks like winter without the snow and it feels a bit surreal, but I can't complain about a warm breeze this late in the season. The snow can stay away for as long as it wants. Although that carpet of dazzling white is beautiful, it makes life more difficult, and who needs that?   I have been spending my time getting my yard winter-ready and decorating for Halloween. Harvest will be done today barring any major disasters with the machinery. Things will slow down, and I am feeling so very grateful. It has been a good year. These Pumpkin Peppers or Pumpkin-On-A-Stick were fun to grow and even more fun to decorate with. But be warned, the thorns on their stems and leaves are very mean.  Yes Sooty, the jack o' lantern print is why I crowded your favourite chair with a cushion., and yes, I am aware that the black cat and pumpkin thing has been done.  Bu