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I Can Be A Little Mean...

I enjoy a good, clean April Fool's Day prank.  Last year, totally off the cuff, I told the kids I was pregnant, and they completely fell for it.  This year, I was certain there was no way I was going to get them with anything because they spent the whole day yesterday talking about what they could do to trick people.  But this morning, after picking up a few scattered cat toys and carrying them to the basket in my daughter's room, an idea came to me.  While standing in her room, pretending to search the trees behind our house through the window, I cried, "Oh no!  Not again!".  Of course, they both came running to see what I was 'oh no-ing' about, and I told them I seen a little white kitten playing back there.  A couple of years back, that is where we discovered two of our current kitties, Georgia and Crush.  Well, "We have to save the kitty Mommy, he'll freeze!".  So they dress, more quickly then I ever thought they could, and out they race.