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I've been keeping my camera on the kitchen table, ready to go, for the last several days, trying to catch one of these rascals on 'film'.  I never get there in time.  I see them from the sink, move to the window, and by the time I'm in position, they flit off.  They move so fast, it's easy to think they are not wholly of this dimension. So, this morning, camera (and coffee) in hand, I pulled a chair up to the window, and waited.  Patience soon paid off, as before I could take 2 photos of one, a second little rascal showed up.  There was a bit of a tiff, but they settled on opposite sides, and had their fill.   I love the sciences, biology in particular.  I'm forever looking up names of plants and birds, interested in their biological classification.  Then doing further research into specifics concerning various feeding/growing habits, origin, etc.  I find it fascinating.  Why then, do you ask, am I not a biologist?  I considered it, but alas, I have not the


Hello out there blogland friends!  I've been so busy with my yard this Spring, that I haven't had a moment to write or to even stop by and visit my favourite blogs, (which I will be doing as soon as write up this little post).   So much has changed in my yard - of course, most of that is Mother Nature taking her course and turning my yard into a lush paradise.  But, I have been hard at work, not only maintaining, but creating new spaces as well.  I'll feature one in this post, and then I'll need to go snap a few more photos of the other spaces for the next entry... Caraganas, chockecherry and lilac shrubs all crammed together create a lovely border in front of the poplars behind them.   The old-fashioned lilacs are putting on a wonderful show this year!  And my yard smells amazing!  Heaven!  I also have a long row of hybrid lilacs, and while lovely, they do not compare with these.  The hybrids bloom later though, and it is nice to stretch out the lilac