Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dropping In

I wanted to do a quick post to say hello and share two photos with you. They are very different from each other, one being a straight up nature shot and the other being a heavily edited shot of a bubble. I made my own bubbles one morning and fashioned a wand out of a pipe cleaner. When my kids were little, I never ran out of bubbles as they were as important as milk. It kept my children entertained for hours. Actually, that morning, bubbles kept me entertained for well over an hour. If you haven't recently, I highly recommend you revisit this simple childhood pastime.  It won't help magically cure all of your adult troubles, but you'll enjoy a nice break.


  1. Both photos are wonderful. Enjoy those bubbles.

  2. Photography is wonderful in all it's immensely different ways to capture things.
    The little gopher is very cute among the dandelions. I do love the bubble you captured...with the reflection surrounded by the colourful swirls in the soap. Bubbles are never age limited.


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