Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grow Your Blog Event 2014

A few of you already know about the "Grow Your Blog" event that is being hosted by a super-fantastic lady and blogger, Vicki of  '2 Bags Full...'.  For details, click on the link or the picture in the sidebar.  The idea is to meet new bloggers that talk about things that interest you, and in the process you may find some people that are interested in your blog.  In my opinion, the best scenario is when you find a person who is on the same page as you, so to speak, and you can share equally in each others blogs.  When that happens, you've made a friend.  And, it is always nice to make a new friend. 
This is the second go around for this event, and although I did not take part in last year's, I did find the list of blogger's that did.  From that list I've found at least 10 blogs that I am newly in love with, (a great feeling), picked up a follower on my own blog, (yay!) and have also had several drop-in, commenting visitors.
Now why is it so important to have visitors and especially the commenting kind?  For me, it is the interaction, the sharing of ideas and feelings.  Yes, someone may be thoroughly enjoying your blog without your knowing it, but when they interact with you, your blog takes on life.  And, you just can't help but put a little more into it in order to keep that energy flowing.
After a very busy, outdoor summer, (the perfect kind) we are having a very unfriendly, indoor winter.  Although I loosely kept up with my blogging friends over the summer/fall months, I didn't really start to get involved again until I was stuck in my house trying not to freeze to death.  Now, here is the funny felt, in many ways, like visiting an old friend.  So much of one's personality is put into their blog, and I became so familiar with the different personalities, that I quite literally felt 'at home' on their blog.  It was, really, a very comforting feeling. 
Not everyone's story is a happy one, in fact, I've not met one person who doesn't have a sad story.  But, this is our life, and through our blogs we share in the sadness and the wonderfulness of it all.  As a matter-of-fact, an excellent way to feel better about things is to go blog hopping and read about the goings on in other's everyday lives.  This is not a comparison as in, "Oh, their life is so much worse than mine, I have a lot to be grateful for." No, rather it is a perfect balance of an array of feelings.  One blogger will share beautiful photos from their recent travels,  the next one will be asking everyone to pray for a loved one battling cancer, the next will share an inspirational creation.
Where else can you get that broad a spectrum of life experience in about 30 minutes?  I find this exposure healthy and balancing.  Life is no one thing.  It is not happiness, it is not sadness, it is both and everything in between.  Striving for one, or being stuck in the other is no way to live.  Flowing from one thing to the next is the healthiest way to be.


  1. Vicki is a delightful lady blogger and I really enjoy her blog. I might have to check out this:))

    Thanks for stopping by and keep warm (while I enjoy some very hot summer weather.).

  2. I agree with all you've said Andrea and that event sounds interesting too :)
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog - yes, it's always nice to know someone has been.

    Take care x


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