Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn In The Country

I don't usually grab my camera when taking out the trash, and by doing so, I turned a 20 minute round trip into a 2 hour one.    I had fun playing around with these in Photoshop.  Enjoy.
When we moved here, we looked at the property right next to this creek.  But, it was too far from
town, and we worried about the length of the school bus trip.

The same creek - opposite side of the road.  The small damn created several small waterfalls,
making it sound very pretty.

Usually crows are solitary creatures, or at least confined to very small groups, but not at
migration time.  This murder was of an impressive size, but I only caught a small part.

Another group of crows in a swathed wheat field.

Who doesn't love an old log building tucked into the woods?

A pretty sky shot, that creates the feeling of a meandering path below.

I didn't explore this too closely.  My nerves got the better of me.  But, it was definitely a den of some sort.

I loved the way this farmer lined his bales up along the trees.

Water levels have been very high the past couple of years, and as a result many trees are dying.  But it makes
for interesting photography.

With Halloween coming up, I couldn't resist stopping to take a bunch of photos here.  There were tattered
curtains blowing in the broken windows, holes in the roof, partly opened doors.   All the makings of
a haunted house.  I think I'll have to come back to this one, and see if I can add a few 'realistic' ghosts.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Just Because

This post is for nothing more than 4 adorable photos of my newfound best friend.  This little guy is adapting beautifully to his new home, and our entire household is completely in love with him.  Some things are best kept short and sweet.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I really loved the name 'Batty' for our new kitten, but when I saw 'Sooty', I fell in love even more.  When I asked my daughter what she thought about 'Sooty', she almost yelled, "Yes! His name has to be Sooty!".  You see, when Kaitlynn was little, I read a book to her called 'Tinka' by Rainy Delhaney.  It is the sweetest children's story about a tiny sheep, and her friend 'Sooty' the crow.  This little crow is a really goofy little character, and back then, we fell in love with him.  Over time my daughter and I have developed a strong love for crows and their raven cousins. So when I brought up that name, it conjured up all sorts of wonderful memories and images, and so our kitten has been renamed 'Sooty'. 
It took a lot of photos to get one that was clear.  He was zipping around the room so fast, even the videos I
took are mostly of bare floor, that is, bare floor with the occasional black streak going across the screen.

In the two days I have had him, Sooty has become infinitely more confident and playful.  My other two cats are starting to warm up to him, and I am letting them take all the time they need.  But each of them gave him a couple of licks today before deciding to step back and watch him play from a 3 foot distance.  It's a good start to what I am sure will be a cuddly friendship. 
This is Crush, and it is taking him a bit longer than my other cat to warm up to Sooty.  This surprises me, because
he is completely comfortable with our 120lb dog.

This gorgeous little princess is Georgie, and although she is still quite unsure of the new addition, her
curiosity is getting the better of her.

Monday, September 8, 2014

His Name is 'Batty'

My blog is about to be taken over by kitten cuteness.  A third black cat has entered my life, and he couldn't have had better timing, what with all the pumpkins kicking around, and Halloween being just around the corner and all.  There will be so many photo opportunities!!!
If to you he looks on the young side, you would not be wrong.  He was born on July 30th, making him only 6 weeks old.  He was weaned too young, as his poor old mama ran out of milk.  But have no fear, he is eating and drinking well, and using the litter box.  He is evening bathing himself, so I have no worries about his all around health.
I have decided to call him Batty, with which most people agree is an adorable name.  The one person who doesn't, will have to suck it up.  You know who you are, and I love you anyway.
I could go into the very long, very boring story of my life and how it has been centered around black cats, but to keep it short, I will plainly tell you that I have a thing, a rather big thing, for black cats.  I'm so very excited to be introducing you to the newest member of our family, so without further adieu, I give you a photo of Batty in a bowl full of Autumn goodness.  By the way, I made those crocheted pumpkins last year.  In case you wanted to know.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bountiful Nonetheless

With the colder than usual Spring, and the flooding at the end of June, we lost a good portion of our growing season, no less than 3 weeks is my guess.  Most of my pumpkins and gourds are well behind schedule, several weeks before they can be picked and expected to ripen.  The only thing to do is to hope that Mother Nature is feeling generous with the warm weather this Fall, and that we don't get a killing frost until at least the end of the month.  That's not what the forecast is calling for, but I really can't remember a time when the forecast has been accurate, (crossing fingers).
Out of the 9 varieties of pumpkins and gourds, only the sugar pumpkins and the gremlin gourds are mature enough to pick, so we plucked off 71 of them and lined them up on our deck to sit in the sun and ripen.  It usually doesn't take long for them to slip into their orange skins once they've been fully exposed.
Here are some photos of a few of the patches with my wee model to give you an idea of the size.
The first picking, all washed up and ready to go bask in the sun on the deck.
This variety, Fairytale, are the pumpkin variety I was most excited about this year, but the largest on is
only slightly larger than a softball, and very green.
Buttercup squash are producing well, and we should have quite a few to tuck away for winter.
The giants have grown well up the side of the manure pile.  I'm afraid these will have been grown just for the foliage
as we lost too much of the season for them to fully develop.
This patch is huge, and consists of only 3 plants.  These are Red Warty Things and they have only produced one
mature pumpkin so far.  There are a lot on the vine, but we need a few more weeks.
A close up of the hops vine.  To say it grew in thickly would be an understatement.
All my cosmos fell over this year, but still manages to produce a lot of flowers.
The large leaves spilling onto the path are those of the Cardoon plant.
There is still some color left in the flower gardens...