Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Kaitlynn

This post is a little delayed, being that my daughter's birthday was on December 6th, but I wanted to get this photo on the blog. 
It's an odd age to be a big fan of Dilbert, but one weekend after finding herself with nothing to read, she went through our many bookshelves, and thinking that Dogbert was the most adorable thing ever, she decided to pick it up and read what he was all about.
She quickly took to all the characters, although Dogbert has remained her favorite.  She has had to ask me a couple of times to explain a joke, but overall has a remarkable understanding of the text.  She even set to drawing her own comic, based on the Dilbert characters.
She turned out to be such a big fan of the book that I didn't even need to ask what kind of a cake she might want.  She also received a Dilbert book for her birthday, and although she received 2 of the same Dilbert calendars, she was overjoyed that she could keep one on her bedroom desk, and one on her craft room desk.  She really does think that Scott Adams is a genius and quotes him accurately and regularly and in good context.  It is so much fun to have a daughter who at 11 years old is witty enough to crack me up.  

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