Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Little Sheep That Wasn't

We've all completed projects that we're not too proud of.  But hopefully, after the frustration passes, we can have a good laugh at ourselves.  That is what happened this morning when my little sister called me up and confessed that the sheep she had started knitting a while ago was now complete. 
Now, first let me say how brave I think my little sister is.  She began with no pattern, she has very little experience knitting, and she absolutely knows how to laugh at herself with the right audience. 
When I asked her how it turned out, she said, "I'm really not too happy with it."  So, I got her to send me a photo, and that is when the giggles ensued.
I said, "Well, the body looks good."  And then I asked, "Are those white blobs supposed to be his eyes?"  She started laughing, and then to keep it going I added, "Instead of a grazing-in-the-field sheep, he's a run-over-by-a-car sheep."  It went on from there, and I threatened to create a blog post about the poor sheep, (which I, of course, have now lived up to).
I've included a photo from an Etsy seller to show what I think she may have been aiming for.  She wanted a silly sheep, but she wanted it to be a cute silly not an, 'I'm-not-entirely-sure-what-that-is' kind of silly. 
In the end, I think the sheep is, in its own little way, quite adorable, should be kept and given a place of honor in her home.  It is a learning experience, and of course, that is valuable.  If we never kept our first projects, or at least evidence in the form of photos, we could never see how far we've come.  I should show her a picture of my first cake.  That would make her feel a whole lot better.


  1. I think he is kinda cute. The professional ones are nice too but your sister's is friendlier.

  2. I think he is very cute in his own way, but something needs to be done with his poor eyes, who can see with those?

  3. A great attempt by your sister, these things are never easy and never look as good as other people's, but your post certainly made me smile :)
    Thanks so much for popping over to see my Grown Your Blog post. You say your would love to visit Scotland, I would love to see Canada too. So many places to visit in this world isn't there? :))

  4. I agree with Meredith-lol-once his eyes are all fixed he will be perfect

  5. lol well were not all perfect are we so it must be the same for sheep surely!


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