Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Sad Yesterday

I know what you're thinking, "Oh no...", "Awe, that's too bad.", and "What was that?" are all things that come to mind.  That was my greenhouse.  I 've included a picture from early Spring last year for a 'before' comparison.
Last night, when I first noticed it, I broke into tears.  It didn't help that I was at an emotional peak after having undergone oral surgery earlier, and I was all drugged up on painkillers.
Today looks a lot better though.  My dear husband said we would be able to salvage most of the wood and rebuild the greenhouse well in time for Spring.  The pain from the surgery is far more manageable today, (thank the Gods - sorry, I've been reading the Percy Jackson series of books to my son every night now for months), and I don't have to take the narcotic today, which was seriously messing with me.  They gave me 40 pills!!!  I've used 4 and don't anticipate having to use any more, especially when an awesome friend/neighbor drops by with homemade tomato soup for me to sip on.
Back to the wind here last night.  It was a steady 70-something km/hour, with gusts up to 110 km/hr.  It sounded like a freight train was going through at times. There was also quite a bit of damage to the house.  A lot of shingles are torn up, some are missing altogether.  The soffits, fascia and eaves are damaged, again with some pieces M.I.A..  Parts of our workshop are stuck in the lilac hedges, but at least we have them.  So, today we take stock of the damage, and tomorrow we take advantage of the warmer weather and get it all fixed up.  Well, the greenhouse will probably have to wait a few weeks, but we will get it sorted out and inside the shop to await rebuilding.
This is not the first time the wind has caused damaged to our yard in the 2 1/2 years we've lived here.  But it's all been quite manageable, so we have that to be thankful for.  We haven't had to make an insurance claim, and really all it's done is create a few days of extra work.  So knock-on-wood that gusts of around 100 km/hr are about the worst we will see.


  1. Wow, that is amazing that wind can do that! I would have cried, too, even if I wasn't on painkillers. But good thing it's salvageable and also good it was the green house and not your house. But still, I wouldn't have thought damage like that would happen outside of a tornado or hurricane. Just goes to show you how powerful nature is! Good luck with the rest of the clean up.

  2. What a mess!! So sorry! Storms can be fun, but not when they do damage. Cheers to you as you pick up the pieces (literally). Nancy PS Where do you live? Not in the U.S....the km/hr gives it away... =)

    1. No, I'm up in Canada, Saskatchewan. And we've already got the roof of the house fixed! Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Oh poor you first the tooth and then the greenhouse, luckily it is all getting resolved. Hope you heal quickly,

  4. OH MAN! first off, hope your healing process is a quick one! Second, those winds were CRAZY! Our tree in the front yard split and fell!! :( Good luck with the rebuild!! :D


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