Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Thrifting Success

Of course, you never know what you're going to come across at the thrift shop.  Someone must have decided to downsize their napkin ring collection, and I was the lucky one. 
The first set is wooden and so of course will casually go with just about anything.  I couldn't find a napkin or tablecloth that these clashed with.  There are 8 of them.
The next set is brass, and they have that nice, vintage burnished look.  Maybe not quite as flexible as the wooden set, definitely more formal, but they go with a lot of the linens I own.  There are 6 of these.
The last set is unique, wooden and a dark burgundy in color.  I originally pictured them as a Christmas table adornment, but as I was going through my stash of linens, I was surprised to find how nice they looked in an Autumn montage.  This is a set of 8 as well.
I just love napkin rings, they add that touch of class to any table, and they have a way of saying, "I put some thought into this meal, now let's take the time to appreciate it."  Anything that slows us down and helps us to appreciate the food we consume everyday is not only physically healthy, but it is also good for our spirit, keeping us in a grateful state of mind.
Oh, and by the way I only spent $1.50, that is $.50 per set!  I can't think of a reason not to have several choices when dressing the table at that price, and the money all goes to charity.  A big win-win!
I also found a rustic pottery vase, in earthly tones of blue and brown.  It looks great with my current collection.
Another piece I found was quite unusual, and took me a minute to figure out what is was.  I'm fairly certain it would be a utensil/pot hanger for the kitchen.  It is round, very solid, $2, and has all sorts of possibilities.  I'm picturing it in the garden with several potted plants hanging from it, maybe bird feeders in the winter.  I also have a cute collection of various little bird houses that I'm painting, they would look cute hanging from it, at various heights in the middle of a garden as well.  I just couldn't resist, and I'll post photos when I decide what to do with it.


  1. Good morning Andrea! How nice to meet you today! Thank you for coming by and for leaving a comment....something that not all visitors do. And I love thrifting too! I will never forget loving a pair of candlesticks that a girlfriend brought back from England. I just loved them for being so unusual....well, not long after that, I went into a local thrift store and what did I find? A SIMILAR PAIR! I cherished those candlesticks for years until we moved out-of-state and had to sell everything. We have starte all over again!

    Have a great Sunday and enjoy your adventures! Anita

  2. How lucky are you? Lovely finds.


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