Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Frosty Days

In the Fall, thoughts of winter are depressing.  But with the temperatures barely below zero, virtually no wind and hoar frost that just won't quit, it's impossible to feel anything other than awe.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Catch-Up Post

Oh my goodness, was my last post really about Halloween???  Time has flown by so quickly, and now that my daughter's birthday has passed, it is time to start thinking about the next event, Christmas of course!  We have a very relaxed holiday planned, as we have every year and hopefully everything goes as planned, as it usually does.  My little girl's 12th birthday was the exception this year.  The poor thing was so sick on her special day, I had to take her to a walk in clinic for a Dr. to take a look.   A bad throat infection has settled in and for the first time that I can remember she has to go on a round of antibiotics.  After only 4 out of 30 pills down, she is showing signs of renewed health!
In the meantime, I've been wandering around with my camera and taking advantage of any photo opportunity that crosses my path.  We've had some incredible sun rises and sets, and one good dose of hoar frost.  My sweet, tiny kitten is 5 months old and growing so quickly that it's hard to believe it is the same cat from day to day.
I should also mention that back in October, I took a part time job at a beautiful home d├ęcor shop and have been loving it.  It is the first time I've worked in 12 and 1/2 years and it has been a very healthy change for me to get out of the house and meet new people.

I had fun hand molding those 12 little birdies.

Hoar frost has a wonderful way of making me believe in magic again, even if it is only a brief moment.

I try not to miss a sunrise or sunset.  You never know how spectacular one might be.

Crisp.  That's the only thing that comes to mind.

My old tricycle in what is now, a winter garden.

Our sweet, little, faithful friends, the chickadees.  They seem to look forward to our visits, and they tweet out,
"Fresh seed everyone!".

"Prowling through the snow.  I'm going to catch that squirrel."

A simple, and free arrangement for my front porch.

Sooty, now 5 months old, and beginning to take on the look of an adult cat.  He has the most beautiful fur.
A last minute addition.  The hubby brought home a lovely bouquet this afternoon and I put together this
arrangement with it.  Lovely, don't you think?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I have been enjoying travelling through blogland and seeing everything people are doing in their homes to celebrate the fall and Halloween season.  And I thought it was high time I shared what I've been up to.  I can't say I'm finished, and if I do anything else that's exciting, I will do another post.

Minus the spiders, I've had that whole get-up on my door for
a long time.

A spooky old tree for a spooky old crow.

There may be a few Harry Potter fans in the house...

This duo is sitting in what is meant to be a Christmas decoration, but seeing as how
we usually have snow here by October 31st, I thought, "Why not?".

I like doing things other than jack o' lantern faces on my pumpkins.  Although, there are also
a lot of faces scattered around.

I found that handsome black cat sculpture at flea market for $3!!!

When I put this rat on the counter, the lady at the till jumped away backwards.  Then she giggled at herself, and said,
"It looks so real.".  She really didn't want to touch it and was happy when I said I didn't need a bag.  I love this
cute poem, and because you can't quite read it all, it says, "There was an old Witch who lived in a shoe with Black
cats and goblins and things that go Boo!"

Just a couple of subtle changes in this little corner of the house.

My everyday desk is transformed for a couple of weeks.  I may
do something similar for Christmas this year.  Maybe I'll
leave out the eyeballs in December.

A close-up of my favourite couple.  I was going to purchase these as tin signs from the Victorian Trading Co.,
but I saw these empty frames, and thought, hmmmm, I wonder if they would be the right size?  And they were,
so I just cut them out them out and Voila!!!  I love them!  I may still get the signs...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

With many of my posts, I find myself looking for a picture to go with my words.  Recently, I've had a difficult time coming up with words to go with my pictures.  The first two photos are from my trip last week to Cold Lake, AB.  The last 3 are from a walk around my in-law's farmyard, while I was waiting for turkey dinner.  It was a beautiful day that led up to a delicious meal, and we wrapped it up with an evening on the couch.  I hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did.  To all my American friends, I hope you have wonderful plans to look forward to!
I loved how the sky started to turn a bright blue all of a sudden, and its contrast with
the orange of the still low sun.
I really like how the path of the rocks seem to be following the clouds.  Or should I reverse that?
Who doesn't enjoy a windmill?  I don't see many of them being used anymore, and this one is no exception.
I enjoy interesting textures, especially the fungus.  I think I should do an entire series of fungus shots.
Loved the gnarled root behind the wheel.  I'm in the process of finding out if I can take that root, which is huge, and
move it to my yard to create a garden around. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cold Lake

I was recently given some time to visit what has, so far, been my favourite place to live.  Besides the good company of the welcoming friends we left behind, Cold Lake always offers beautiful scenery for photography.  I took hundreds of photos, and I'm sure I will revisit them and add more, but here are the three that kept catching my eye as I was scrolling through.