Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lovely Weather For Bunnies

If you are a white bunny today, the country side is your playground.  Even if bunnies could fly, they wouldn't be seen today.  

I'm so glad the trip home from our Easter supper was a short one.  Nonetheless, it wasn't enjoyable. Very poor visibility, and difficult steering is never a fun combination.  

It is actually extremely beautiful out there.  I can't remember the last time I heard such a loud silence.  It's something you notice as soon as you step outside.  The whole world has been stuffed with fluff and if feels very pillow-like.

The flakes are as large as toonies, much too big to melt quickly, and when you catch one on your tongue, you can really feel it.  If you catch one in your eye, well, it's quite a shock actually, because it feels as though a small sheet, heavy and wet has hit you, and you can't open your lid for a moment.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Sunday, and if you are travelling, may you have better roads than we currently do.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April Fool's Day!

Without fail, on the morning of April 1st throughout my childhood, my Dad would manage to get me to come to the window to look at all the deer, or bunnies in the backyard.  I don't remember ever not falling for this. It's funny though, he always felt bad when he saw the disappointment on my face.  Well, now I know how he felt.  

This morning, my daughter awoke, and uncharacteristically crawled into bed with me.  I told her, "I want to tell you a secret."  Her eyes brightened up, and she tilted her ear to my mouth.  "I'm having another baby." I said with a little excitement in my voice.
Her reaction: "Really!!??  Can I have the big bed downstairs?"
This was not what I expected.  Then I asked her if I could tell her another secret.  Again, she tilts her head to me. I say, "Happy April Fools Day! and don't tell Jared."
Very shortly after, my little guy, walks into the room and says, "Good Morning, it's April Fool's Day!"
I replied with, "It sure is, and I just told Kaitlynn a little secret.  Would you like to know what it is?"
"Of course I would!" he says.
"I'm pregnant and you are going to be a big brother."  

"What??!!  Really??!!"  He sounded genuinely happy.  Again, not what I expected.

And Kaitlynn takes the pleasure this time, "Happy April Fool's!"  

Then we fall into a discussion about what it would be like to add another child to our family.  Kaitlynn would hope for a little sister so that she could take the little one outside and teacher her to love snakes and not be a princess.  

Jared wanted a little brother so he could show him all the ins and outs of Minecraft, (a very creative video game).

There are no plans of adding to our family, but after this morning's discussion, I almost wish we were.  I felt bad letting down my children like that, but I had to do something and I had to think fast.  It's tradition after all.  My original plan was to switch their underwear drawers around last night after they were asleep.  But alas, I forgot and will have to try and remember that one for next year.  This would be seriously funny, as they have such a strong aversion to each other's personal effects.

Kaitlynn wanted to continue on with a prank, so her idea was that we should switch roles and have a little fun with her younger brother.  So I took on the role of big sister, and she got to play Mommy.  Jared and 'big sister' even got into a slapping fight and 'Mother' had to come break it up.  'Big sister' had to make her bed. And 'Mother' had to serve breakfast.  She even went as far as calling Jared "my baby" and "honey".  He got a little extra Nutella on his toast this morning, and enjoyed it while sitting right next to 'Mother' at the dining room table.  This is unheard of on any other day of the year.