Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

The season doesn't really start until we've seen the kids' Christmas concert
and school is officially out.  Jared's class performed "Mary Had a Baby"
on recorders as well as singing several other songs between scenes of the play.
This was my daughter's first experience as one of the lead roles in the play. 
She seemed to be very comfortable up there and did a very good job
of her lines.
On the 23rd we had family over for food, drinks and games.  We put together
5 different 'minute-to-win-it' games.  The one above is called the North Pole.
Once the cups are stacked, you have to pull the papers out quickly, dropping
the top cup onto the bottom without knocking the tower down.  Good luck,
not one of us were able to do this.
Another game had us all sliding gingerbread men off our foreheads, down
our face and into our mouths.  Most of us were unable to do this, Jared
and Auntie Brenda were the only successful ones.
After our traditional dinner on Christmas Eve, Santa stopped for a short
visit before heading on his trip around the world.  This year, he brought a
naughty and nice list and had good reasons to go with his decisions.
Even Daddy took a turn on Santa's lap.  Poor, poor Santa.  What he doesn't
put up with ...
There is nothing that could have made my little guy happier.  Lego is always
good, but when it is Star Wars Lego, then he is in heaven.  It was very
difficult to convince him to leave his room for anything else that day, and
a couple of days later when he dropped it and a bunch of it came apart
the look on his face was devastating.
Kaitlynn was very happy with her new stereo, and quickly ran off to
rearrange her bedroom to make room for it.
Bear received a giant chewy Kong and instantly fell in love with it.  He
grabbed it and walked around the house making funny, happy grunting
He took it everywhere with him, putting it down for only a few seconds to
eat some snow.

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