Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photoshop Happy

I by no means claim to know how to work well with Photoshop, but with just a few simple clicks, one can have some fun with photos.  Here are a few I've been playing with.  I've also been working on creating some graphics of botanicals that have been extracted out of photos I've taken.  If I like them maybe I'll figure out how to share them here.  I'd share all the steps I took to achieve this, but I don't remember.  I was just playing around.

In this one, I changed the tone of the sunset to better match Bear and
the bale he is playing "king of the castle" on. 
Photoshop really helped bring out the detail in this one of Bear's pawprint.

This one is a combination of the above two.  It was a bit of work to
get the paw print to look decent.


  1. Bear is adorable! Your photos turned out fabulous.

  2. Lovely pictures. I have never used photo editing, which might be the reason my photos are a bit of a disaster. Love yours.

  3. Love your blog! Returning the love from Great Pictures!


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