Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Short Shower

I've randomly chosen this image to go with the post so that some part of your visit here would be worthwhile.
Isn't he a beautiful animal?  He always makes me smile.
It has not been an easy winter, the Spring has started off very cold, and now we have lost water to our house.  Well, we spent a bit of money setting up a temporary system to carry us through until the thaw.  Up until then, we will have to haul all of our water in to the holding tank in the garage.

To make a long story quite short, one day we noticed we had lost water pressure, then soon after, we lost all pressure.  After a 5 day long battle, we realized we could do nothing more until Spring, and went ahead setting up the temp system.  Luckily we have a truck, a 2009 Dodge, which of course, knowing it was needed, promptly broke down.  

That has since been fixed, so everything should be okay for now.  I hope. Maybe the trailer will break, or the pump at the place we haul from will give up.  Or maybe everything will run smoothly from now until the thaw, and then just when the grass is turning all nice and green, we will get the backhoe out and tear a 20 foot wide, 10 foot deep hole into it.  

Just a quick, little insert here:  Just as I'm writing this, I hear a curse from the boiler room.  Okay, what now? The septic pump has seized.  WTH???  I guess I only have myself (and my cynicism) to blame.  Luckily we are being very conservative with our water usage, or the sewage may have backed up into the house by now.  

There is definitely something working against us, but there is also someone on our side.  Why else would my husband have checked the breaker box for no good reason, and realized that the septic had kicked itself off?  

I love him, you know?  My Husband.  When he's not being extremely handy in keeping our household running, he's improving our home.  He's been painting the interior and building a larger, new and improved greenhouse, (after the old one, as in 1 year old, got destroyed in a wind storm this winter).  A lot of our best memories are of working on projects together.  Much of our good quality time is spent in the shop, with great conversations happening as the next coat of varnish goes on.  He's not afraid to show me how to use tools, and when I'm putting one screw in for every dozen of his, he reminds me of my skills in the kitchen, and how there is no shame in having weak areas.  Just give everything and anything a try.  I think welding is next.  Maybe I'll show him how to bake bread.  Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

I'm a little late on this post.  My birthday was on the 6th and we we forced to celebrate it early because the husband had to leave for work.  So these photos are from the 3rd.  I just have to take up some space bragging about my wonderful family and friends.

First of all, Kaitlynn, who is only 11, and a completely fabulous young lady, wanted to cook supper for me. She decided that keeping it simple would be best.  She did not want a whole lot of help from her Father. The dinner consisted of a delicious, tender porchetta, roasted asparagus, and twice baked potatoes.  Everything tasted so good.  And they took it one step further, and made sure there were leftovers for the next day. Yay! - Two days with meals made for me!

Our tasty dinner!

Dinner was followed up with this fantastic white cake that my daughter baked from scratch.  She also did the decorating.  Did she not  do a fabulous job for her first time ever???  It is a sunflower, of course, because we all have Spring on the brain.  It tasted so good served up with french vanilla ice cream and sugared strawberries.

First time cake artist, my 11 year old daughter!

If that all wasn't enough, there was also a shockingly large pile of gifts for me.  There were so many cute and thoughtful things in those boxes.  There were gardening knee pads and a butterfly wire sculpture for the garden.  I now have a trio of the most adorable little songbird figurines, thanks to my daughter, and they have various homes around the house.  My son found an adorable little, baby bunny figurine for the mama bunny I have in the living room.  I'm also now addicted to a very unique candy called 'Chimes'.  Strong ginger is the main flavor, and I can not get enough of them.  I try to limit myself to 5 a day.


There were also some dip mixes that I'm looking forward to trying.  And someone must have been paying attention to how I cook my egg in the morning, because I've been given the handiest little thing.  I'm forever pushing my egg whites into a neat, tight circle around the yoke.  I hate when it gets thin, and cooks up like crunchy paper.  This little silicone ring solves the problem!  Just toss the ring in the non-stick pan, be sure it has made firm contact all around, and crack your egg into it.  Voila! - no more thin egg whites.  A revolution, I'm sure. 

On the 6th, my actual birthday, the kids were in school, and the Mr. was at work.  But a couple of friends were free for breakfast, so out we went.  And they put together a wonderful garden themed gift for me too!!! I felt so spoiled.  Gardeners soap, body wash, pumice stone, wind chimes, a flower shaped body puff and they bought breakfast for me too!  Thank-you to the wonderful thoughtful friends!   I even got to drag one along with me for a bit of shopping after.  

Before I had even left town to go into the city for breakfast, I ran into my little sister who had picked up the latest issue of our favorite magazine, (The Country Sampler) and a a couple of yummy smelling Scentsy wax melts.  Thank-you so much Sis!  I have the strawberry one on now, and it is just great!

The day got even better with a meeting I had that night being postponed to next week, so I got to spend the evening in with my kidlets.  I also received steady emails throughout the day from friends on Facebook.

Thank-you to everyone who made my 38th birthday awesome!