Monday, November 2, 2015

November Two Too Busy

It's raining/snowing here this morning.  It snaining. Wow, what a muddy mess my yard is. I am looking forward to freeze-up and a nice clean blanket of snow.  Today is pack up Halloween/Fall day.  Then I'll wait a couple of weeks before starting on decorating for winter and Christmas. I don't like looking at seasonal décor for too long.  Mind you, I don't like looking at any décor for too long, and so I am often changing things up.  My family both loves and hates this practice.  My husband cringes every time I pound a new nail into the wall, or 3 because I didn't measure and for some reason my eyeballing technique failed me. Tip: have your glass of wine after you're done redecorating.

My November is looking to be a very busy one.  I've maybe overbooked and even double-booked myself. I have several photography workshops to attend, and there will probably be homework.  I have a craft show I'm taking my jewelry too, (thank you to my husband who has agreed to sit at my table for part of that day). There is a 2 day trip to the big ol' city to get some Christmas shopping done.  A couple of dentist appointments. Piano and art classes to get the kids to.  Several sleepovers.  Add in my daily routine of house chores, and I should be ready to sleep right through December.
I do like to be active, as long as I have my evenings on the couch to look forward to. Speaking of evenings, I will leave you with a pretty sunset picture taken a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Wow! Beautiful photo!

    Well ....let's see. It's November 2nd and the high today was 90°F this afternoon. There is something totally WRONG with that. LOL I'm longing for cooler weather!

    1. If we could only meet in the middle on this wild temperature scale...

  2. That is one stunning sunset! - Looks like you do have a busy November planned. I put away my Halloween decor this week and put up Fall/Thanksgiving. We will do Christmas after Thanksgiving is over.
    It's getting harder each year to haul all the stuff out and I'm not so excited about putting a tree up this year with 2 new young kittens in the house. We'll see how that goes....Have a great day.


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