Monday, November 9, 2015

Mish Mash

I've been working on two things as of late, jewelry and photography.  I put together a quick collage of some of my favourite pieces.  The lovely leftover light from last night's sunset didn't leave me much to work with and I probably should have taken the time to set up my tripod, but I wanted to be quick as I was pulled over on the side of a road.  On my way home from the first session of a photography workshop, I couldn't resist pulling over, but I did wait until I was off the main highway where there was little to no traffic. Unfortunately I missed the best the part of this gorgeous sunset, but a small price to pay for safety.

I have a very difficult time taking a sharp photo without a flash, but I am practicing, and what better candidates than the fur babies.  Here is a close-up of each of their cute, little faces.


Georgia Winifred


  1. You know you're taking a great photos. I think you're doing well with taking a sharp photo. Have more practice to make it brilliant!

  2. such a talented woman you are! I love the gold earrings in the bottom middle photo! and your fur babies are pretty cute too! :D

  3. Thank-you so much Sara! I took the wire work to a whole different level this year. It's been fun.

  4. I am enjoying your blog this evening; learning more about you. Your cats are gorgeous. I knew about Sooty - my black cat Magic's photo is what brought you to my blog. Your photography is so nice. How fun that you enjoy making jewelry.


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