Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Handmade Soap

You may have thought that by the title of the blog and by the previous entries, that this entire site would be strictly about jewelry. Really, it is about the appreciation of anything handmade, and there is currently no better website than Etsy for that. A few weeks ago, shortly after I opened a shop on Etsy, I joined the Alberta team and met Krysta of Carvel Country Soapworks, in the team's forum. A stay-at-home Mom, with an appreciation of all things handmade, she creates a wonderful array of bath and body products, but what really attracted me was the frog-shaped soap. I have a 4 year old little boy whose life currently revolves around frogs, and a little girl who can not stop acting like a lizard. So, naturally I asked Krysta if she could create something that would pertain to my daughter's interest. I couldn't order one child frog soaps without indulging the other with something in the shape of a lizard. Without delay, less than a week, I had in the mail, 2 frog soaps, 2 frog bath bombs, 2 lizard soaps, and 2 lizard bath bombs. Now, usually when I use regular soap on my kids, they cry out, and tell me that it is burning their 'sensitive' parts. Well, not with this soap, and we all loved the scent too. The bath bombs were very entertaining as they fizzed away in their little hands, and somehow, adding character soaps, just makes the world a friendlier place to be. Fantastic!...Two content children, and both birthday and Christmas gifts lined up for this year. What could be better? Well, I'll tell you...I also picked up some lip balm and soap for myself. I have very sensitive skin, constantly dry and itchy, and I generally stay away from anything that lathers, even though I love bath products. I decided to give Krysta's soap a fair trial, and this evening, with no extra moisturizing lotion, my skin feels great. The lip balm is wonderful too, with a fantastic scent, neutral flavour, and a long-lasting, moisturizing effect. I cannot think of anything in this entire transaction that would be even slightly negative. Custom order?...No problem. Fast shipping?...Wow, and how. Fantastic product?...Nothing short of wonderful. Customer appreciation?...There is no doubt. Going back for seconds?...Is the sky blue? Click on the photo, and browse Krysta's shop. Indulge yourself in a product that is not only good for you and your family, but for our environment and local economy as well.

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