Friday, May 7, 2010

For Your Garden

It is finally that time of year again, my favourite time of year. The snow is gone, delphiniums, irises, and lilies are up, and the greenhouses are open!!! I love to plant all kinds of flowers, vegetables and herbs, but I also love to decorate with wonderful little finds like the ones in this treasury I created from several different Etsy shops. I love to take little knick-knacks like the ones you see here, and tuck them away, in a tree, under a plant, in between stones, hide them, if you will. So, unless you're really looking, you will not find them, but if you are, you will get a little surprise. I've even surprised myself in this way several times, especially in the Spring when I first go out to take a good look at the yard and realize who I missed during the Fall clean-up. Often the things I buy for the garden, really 'blend in' with their surroundings, almost like they could have been there naturally, so they are easy to miss. Have fun browsing through the shops on Etsy, perhaps you'll find something you just can't live without, or maybe you'll find some inspiration there to get creative on your own. Either way, go out and enjoy your Spring!!!


  1. i Love to decorate in the garden to ! Great collection !

  2. Gardening is one of my favorite pasttimes. I've nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award:


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