Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Murano Bracelet

Here is the latest addition to my little shop on Etsy. These are all hand linked glass beads with the cute little murano glass cabochons 'floating' between each link. I had purchased a vintage lot of jewelry making supplies with a real mix of cabochons, stampings, findings, crystals, and beads. While digging through and organizing this treasure, I found these sweet, little cabochons. But, what to do with them? I formed a pretty little loop-de-loop link and used epoxy to attach the cabochon. I waited a day, tested it for sturdiness, it passed with flying colors, so off I went to find more beads to co-ordinate with the murano glass. Because a lot of my beads and things are from recycled pieces, I sometimes find myself in a bind for materials that will work together. This piece was no exception. I was sure I didn't have enough of the blue beads alone, so I tried oranges and reds, blacks and browns, but nothing was working for me. then I came across the green beads, and I thought maybe, just maybe there would be enough. I used every bead I had in those colours, and was extremely relieved when I tried it on. When I stepped back, and realized just how perfectly the materials had come together, and how there was not even one left out to end up in the odds and ends bowl, I had a strong thought..."Well, that was meant to be...". And, here it is, a very cute, serene little bracelet.

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