Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Mother's Day...

It eventually happens to everyone... all of us, at some point in our life, lose someone we love. And then, sooner or later, that special day comes along, a birthday, a special holiday, Mother's day. For myself, Mother's day has become a day full of mixed emotion. Nostalgia, sadness, and joy mix to create a rich experience. On one hand my little boy is greeting me at the head of my bed at 5:30am, with an envelope that he has waited to give for 5 days, (an eternity to a 4 year old), and I am filled with pride and joy. On the other hand, I catch a quick glimpse of the dream I just woke from, having coffee with both my Mother and Grandmother, and I am filled with a longing and a sadness, as this is not possible. My 7 year old girl tells me to close my eyes, and fills my countertop with all sorts of cut-outs and paintings that she just spent the last hour working on, and I feel loved and adored. I wonder how my Mom felt when I gave her my little girl scribbles on a crumpled piece of paper. Then I remember her smiling and putting it up on the fridge, and I know that she was feeling much the way I do now.
When I think of my Mother, jewelry, also comes to mind. The two went hand in hand, and every time I put on a bracelet, a necklace, or a brooch, I think of her. The wonderful, antique and vintage pieces take me all the way back to getting ready for church with my Grandmother. All of my interest in jewelry, the creating of the new, and the collecting of the old, stems from these 2 women. The beautiful set above is available in my Etsy shop as a result of my refining my collection down to my favorites. My favorites are the pieces I choose to wear time and time again over the others. While I may create new pieces with my Mother's and Grandmother's jewelry for inspiration, you will not see any of their jewelry in my shop. Those memories and the spirit those pieces hold is far too valuable to put a price on.
To all the wonderful Mothers who are and have been in my life, I wish you a Mother's day rich with emotion and fulfillment.


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